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This was Sonorus' flagship audio board, released in 1996.  It was the first PCI card with an ADAT interface.  Actually, two of them.

At the time I realized there was no inexpensive way to get audio from an ADAT machine to and from a computer, so I started working on it.

Because the only ADAT interface chip at the time was a complete nightmare, I ended up designing my own with an Altera FPGA and a TI PLL.  Actually inside the FPGA were several digital PLL's, but I used the TI PLL for some extra filtering on the master clock.

Since it was an FPGA, I could also use it to do other formats - so I could switch the optical connectors to do SPDIF as well.

The boards could also read ADAT Sync (a sample accurate timecode from the ADAT machines) and syncronize up to 4 boards together.

The 'sync' board with the ADAT sync connector also had a couple of BNC's - which were connected to the FPGA.  So instead of just word clock, with different FPGA programs I made them AES-3 (AES/EBU over BNC), and LTC (timecode) I/O's.

One of the cool things about the board is that all the firmware - the DSP code for the 56301 and the FPGA code were all contained in the driver.  So we literally upgraded the hardware in the field - adding features for several years, which helped the board stay in the game for a while.
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