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MIYO Goes Beyond the DAC
Unlike many simpler audio devices, MIYO is an integrated system that goes way beyond just a brand-name DAC (digital-to-analog converter). Several unique innovations come together to deliver sound quality normally reserved for the finest professional studios and mastering houses.

Huge Soundstage and Precise Imaging
MIYO is the only audio device using state-of-the-art MEMs (micro-electromechanical system) oscillators as audio clocks. These vastly outperform both oven-controlled crystal and rubidium-based atomic clocks, with <.5ps RMS phase jitter and incredible accuracy.

Duties included: deliver electronic design within target BOM cost. Design electronics (120+dB dynamic range ADC, DAC, Headphone/Line out sections, high performance audio clock, multiple power supplies, etc.), PCB layout, XMOS microcontroller firmware programming. Worked with several PCB assembly houses to coordinate prototype building and production runs, including visiting the factory in China and working through the inevitable challenges there such as parts sourcing, production test, etc.
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