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HDR 24/96

Bob Tudor, then VP of digital audio products at Mackie, called me in 1998 and told me he had bought some Studi/o PCI cards and really liked them.  So he hired me to do a modified version as the audio engine in the HDR2496.

So, I took the core of the board.  I had to expand it to 24 channels which the 56301's serial ports couldn't handle, so I made my own serial ports with an Altera FPGA, that converted to the bus Mackie used for their I/O cards from the digital 8-bus.  I took our Macintosh software, which was formatted as a lovely little SDK, and extended it to 24 channels.

One of the nice things about that DSP code and the API is that it supported bidirectional scrubbing and crossfaded punch-ins.  Perfect for a hard disk editor!  So Bob's team and I were able to quickly get a recorder with some really great features.

I also put on some BNC's for word clock, using my combo digital/analog PLL circuit, and a 1/4" LTC I/O.  The most fun of the project (besides hanging out on Greg Mackie's boat!)  was developing the DSP code LTC reader/generator, that could lock the sample clock to any LTC rate.
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