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DON Module

I did this at Ariel in 1992.  We came to call it the Don Module because at the time, we were also working with TI DSP's and TI had defined a module spec called the TIM Module.  Well, we had a pair of engineers that were school buddies: Tim and Don.  You can guess what happened!  We called this one the Don Module to be fair.  Don Elwell went on to become the VP of Engineering at Ariel.  The module won an ECN award the next year.

  • 4 x 33MHz DSP3210 chips
  • 4MB shared fast-page DRAM
  • DONbus
    • 132MB/s bidirectional
    • memory-mapped
    • round-robin arbitration with burst mode, bus locking, retry, and bus parking
  • about 3" square

The DON Module was used on the DC-4 and Avid AMCI boards.

Later on I did a second DON module (DC-2) with two DSP3210 with private 2MB SRAM for the Department of the Navy, still with full arbitration & memory mapping, etc. and completely compatible with the DC-4
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