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While working at Ariel, my good friend Tom Hegg was an engineer over at Avid.  We ended up collaborating on a NuBus board which Avid used for a couple of years in the Media Composer system.  It was the world's first 16-channel sound card.  And, on the slow as molASSes NuBus!  It was capable of 16 audio channels in and out simultaneously including crossfaded punch-ins, with 16-channel bi-directional scrubbing and 16 channels of 4-band parametric EQ.   It used the DON module on a NuBus carrier with an interface to two digidesign 888 converter boxes.  The ATTO SCSI accelerator would DMA data directly to the 16MB of DRAM on the DON module.  Pictured is one of the early prototypes.  That one made Ariel a lot of money!  They continued to buy it a couple years after Avid purchased Digidesign but eventually of course they had to use Digi hardware.


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