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Equipment List

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This is the equipment available in our lab

Equipment List HP3561A Dynamic Signal Analyzer Size: 320x268 (21497)  Type: 'image/jpeg'
Equipment List HP 11975A Amplifier 2.0-8.0 GHz Size: 400x300 (14898)  Type: 'image/jpeg'
Equipment List HP3325A Synthesizer/Function Generator Size: 722x298 (32305)  Type: 'image/jpeg'
Equipment List Tek TDS640A scope 4ch-500MHz-2GS/s Size: 300x155 (20431)  Type: 'image/jpeg'
Equipment List HP6623A Triple Power Supply Size: 240x106 (5793)  Type: 'image/jpeg'
Equipment List HP 54620A logic analyzer Size: 275x191 (12039)  Type: 'image/jpeg'
Equipment List HP8690B Sweep Generator 1.7-4.2GHz Size: 190x92 (6038)  Type: 'image/jpeg'
Equipment List Advantest R3465 Spectrum Analyzer 9kHz-8GHz Size: 400x202 (11479)  Type: 'image/jpeg'
Equipment List Tek P6201 FET probes 900MHz Size: 200x150 (4158)  Type: 'image/jpeg'
Equipment List Colby PG1000 Pulse Generator 1GHz Size: 227x155 (8686)  Type: 'image/jpeg'
Equipment List Wiltron 560A Network Scalar Analyzer 18GHz Size: 227x101 (8217)  Type: 'image/jpeg'
Equipment List Wiltron 610D Sweep Generator 10MHz-18.5GHz Size: 178x79 (7354)  Type: 'image/jpeg'
Equipment List HP 5342A microwave frequency counter/level meter 18GHz Size: 400x300 (17388)  Type: 'image/jpeg'
Equipment List LeCroy PP066 microwave probe 7.5GHz-0.25pF Size: 500x375 (23675)  Type: 'image/jpeg'
Equipment List HP465A wideband amplifier Size: 536x666 (70582)  Type: 'image/jpeg'
Equipment List LeCroy LC574AL scope Size: 250x171 (9365)  Type: 'image/jpeg'
4 channels - 1GHz bandwidth - 1 GS/s sampling rate and a memory of 2 Meg per channel - 8 Million Points of Acquisition Memory - 4 ms Maximum Sample Rate Window - 96 MHz PowerPC Microprocessor - 8 to 64 MB System RAM - 9 Color Display with 8 Traces - Analog Persistence - Full Screen Grid Digital oscilloscopes from LeCroy are designed to save engineers valuable time in troubleshooting and problem-solving. - Each oscilloscope is an integrated and powerful system providing the capability to: Capture the key events with high resolution for longer time intervals
Equipment List microwave horn antenna Size: 640x480 (9978)  Type: 'image/jpeg'
Equipment List Quakko 700 SMT rework station Size: 250x163 (7480)  Type: 'image/jpeg'
Equipment List Tek 11801C sampling scope w/one SD24 20GHz TDM head and three SD22 low noise dual 12.5GHz heads Size: 200x128 (9304)  Type: 'image/jpeg'
Equipment List Gigatronics generator 2-8GHz Size: 227x75 (5660)  Type: 'image/jpeg'
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