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SPEAKASY.NET back up, back online

NEW YORK - bowery's ISP, SPEAKEASY.NET, has restored service to some of it's New York customers, including bowery. Of course, further disruptions cannot be discounted in the near future.
Here's the updates from Speakeasy System Status:

Update: 9/14/01 08:24:16 AM

A replacement generator is being installed and should be operational roughly in the next hour or so, but it may take until approximately 10pm EDT. A move of all the users on this POP to other POPs would take longer than the estimated repair time, so we are not attempting any mass migrations at this time as it would result in a longer outage than waiting for the repairs.

Update: 9/14/01 08:55:23 PM

We are still awaiting updates on the status of the installation of the replacement generator. We thank you for your patience with this issue and apologize for the inconvenience.

Update: 9/14/01 09:00:36 PM

Power is restored to the Facility. Service should be restored in about 1 hour.

Update: 9/14/01 11:52:04 PM

Service is partially restored in the New York facility, and approximately 1/3 of our customers currently have service. We are working to restore service to the remaining customers, we expect this to be completed shortly.

Update: 9/15/01 02:12:28 AM

We are still working on getting services restored in the Region. Unfortunately we are having difficulties with our Carriers cross connects to our local loop provider. We are working to resolve this issue as soon as possible.

Update: 9/15/01 07:32:41 AM

We are still having issues with the local carrier infrastructure in Manhattan. Facilities that were in service when our Colocation lost power has degraded during that time. We are working to resolve this issue as soon as possible.

Update: 9/15/01 09:52:02 AM

Due to unresolvable issues with the local carrier, we are performing an emergency transition for all NYC customers on the non functional backhaul. All customers will be up and operational once the migration is complete.

Update: 9/15/01 01:39:43 PM

We have decided to migrate All customers off of the New York POP to circuits in other POPS (Boston and Washington D.C.) At this time approximately 50% of customers have been migrated, and we expect the rest to be complete in about 6 hours.

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