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bowery's ISP running out of gas

NEW YORK - received word from it's connection provider (Speakeasy) that they are experiencing power problems in their New York facility. Please bear with us as we ride out the repercussions of Tuesday's terrorist attack.

Due to Tuesday's events, our facilities in NYC are continuing to experience power issues and there is the possibility they will run out of emergency fuel before they are able to replenish their supply.

Should this occur, it will be necessary for us to re-route all DSL circuits presently routed through NYC to one of our other POPs in Boston, Washington D.C., and Chicago. We are in constant communication with the staff at the facility and will know by tomorrow whether or not these measures are necessary.

If the power situation in our NYC facility does not improve, we will be performing these emergency transitions tomorrow evening. We will notify you with more information as soon as possible.

We apologize for the inconvenience and assure you that these re-routes are only temporary. Thanks for your patience,

The Speakeasy Crew


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