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Product Concept, Design and Development, System Architectures, Manufacturability and Testing, Professional Audio and Musical Instrument/Processing, Wireless Sensor Networks, RF and Digital Radios, Embedded Processing and Linux - Realtime and DSP, Consumer Audio, Analog, Project Management
Container for portal members' home directories
1:1 Programming Initiative
BEA's FLASH programming initiative information center
About this site
some links explaining the site, etc.
Demo area, to illustrate features of this website.
NOTE that in the real areas, WEBDAV is enabled for easy upload/download of files
free stuff
The files in this folder are FREE. But also, they're not supported, so only email us with obsequious compliments!
News & Events
BEA news and events
Bowery Engineering
Product Concept, Design and Development - System Architectures - Manufacturability and Testing. Professional Audio and Musical Instrument/Processing - Wireless Sensor Networks - RF and Digital Radios - Embedded Processing and Linux - Realtime and DSP - Consumer Audio - Analog - Project Management.
Equipment List
This is the equipment available in our lab
past projects
An incomplete list of shipped, released products I've worked on.
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