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resume for Marc Lindahl

NOTE: this document is outdated. For up to date resume please go to

Marc Lindahl
355A Bowery 2nd Floor
New York NY 10003
ph: 212-260-0306
fax: 212-260-0341

  • Project & Team management
  • Technical business strategy
  • Manufacturing/production management
    • China sourcing & manufacturing
  • Computing & Signal Processing Architectures
  • DSP Hardware design
    • Motorola, Analog Devices, T.I., etc.
  • DSP Coding/Algorithm porting
    • Assembly language, C, C++:  Mot, AD, TI, etc.
  • High speed digital logic design
  • FPGA design
  • Analog design (audio, sensors)
  • Phase-lock loop design (digital/analog)
  • RF/microwave design
  • Embedded uC/uP hardware & firmware
    • i.MX31, XScale, Coldfire, PPC, PIC, etc.
    • linux, redboot, eCOS, busybox, "while-OS", etc.
    • linux drivers
  • Software coding (C/C++, Python,  Java, lisp, basic, assembler, bash, many others... even a little Perl!)
  • wxWidgets (cross-platform U.I.)
  • Linux/Windows/Mac OSX
  • Wide variety of communications protocols:  Ethernet, TCP/IP/UDP, Zigbee, IEEE 802.15.4, IEEE 802.11, various low level e.g. I2S, I2C, SPI, PCI, etc.
  • Product design & specification
  • User Interface design
  • Writing (specifications, manuals, ad copy, press releases, etc.)
  • Page layout (Quark, etc)
  • Graphics (Illustrator, Freehand, Photoshop)
  • Video & Audio editing
Professional Experience

CTO, Living Independently Group, Inc., 2008-present

VP Hardware & Manufacturing, Living Independently Group, Inc., 2008-2005

Technical Strategy, Engineering  & Product Development
  • Formulated and executing technology roadmap for next generation system
  • Managing manufacturing operation (China-sourced contract manufacturing)
  • Helping implement FDA & ISO13485 compliance as Medical Device Manufacturer
  • Continued to productize the QuietCare system including analyzing and refining installation procedure, co-writing installation manual and debugging hardware.
  • Obtained UL approval for QuietCare system
  • Built inter-wiki websites for engineering services, bug tracking, and interfacing with service, support, and manufacturing partners.
  • Ongoing product design & development

Consultant, Living Independently Group, Inc., 2004-2005

Productized the QuietCare system including fixing sensor PIC code firmware bugs, solving manufacturing issues, debugging base station problems.

Consultant, Eventide, Inc., 2003-2005

Engineering for Logger division
Designed desktop logger (DIR911T). Responsibilities include Software architecture and programming (application, UI, and DSP), some circuit design.

Partner, Manifold Labs LLC, 2002-2005

Various tasks
Co-founded Manifold Labs, with the goal of releasing Plugzilla. Tasks include typical things for an audio startup: strategy, business, washing cups, analog and digital design, software coding. Designed and implemented the website including a database/library of plugins. Set up web services including email, ftp, dns, and extensive websites for Manifold and Plugzilla.  Responsible for marketing & press relations, wrote press releases.

VP Marketing & Strategy, Eventide, Inc., 2002-2003

Corporate Strategy, Marketing
Spearheaded the effort to overhaul Eventide's image with the goals of increasing awareness of the historical contributions of the brand and positioning them as a technology innovator. Formulated new strategies for the audio group including entering the plugin and surround sound markets.  Notable achievements were the launching of Eventide's line of ProTools plugins, and the notorious "girl giving the finger" ad for obscenity delays which resulted in a massive sales surge after the famous Janet Jackson Superbowl incident.

Consultant, Event Electronics, 2001-2002

Computer Architecture and Hardware Design
Architected, designed, cost-reduced a simple PCI audio interface for major audio manufacturer (Event EZ-8). Emphasis on turnaround time (concept to prototype took 2 months), cost reduction (list price $199, and compatibility (with all flavors of Windows, MacOS, Linux). Managed driver development.

Consultant, TC Works 2000-2001

Computer Architecture and Hardware Design
Architected a system for realtime audio processing using multiple DSPs and an embedded RISC processor for TC Works (PowerCore). Purpose of which is to interface hardware DSPs with a standardized software plugin interface (VST-2). Helped manage the project, specified the hardware and self-test code, designed and debugged the hardware (emphasis on high speed busses, parallel processing, Altera FPGA design).
Partner & President, 2000-Present Executive, music producer, writer, A&R
Internet record label focused on breaking new talent and creating community around the artists.
  • Created business plan, raised seed capital
  • Scouted new artists
  • Designed & built digital recording studio
  • Wrote & produced music, resulting in 12" vinyl single and several CD's
  • Shot and edited video documentary
  • Designed, built and deployed website based on Zope and later Plone
  • Obtained distribution via iTunes store
Consultant, Mackie Designs 1999 Computer Architecture
Aided in data flow analysis, feature evaluation, architecture of "Flagship" large format console.
Consultant, Steinberg GmbH
DSP coding
Implemented and tweaked Moog 4-pole ladder filter for Model-E software synth.
Consultant, Music Network GmbH (now Swissonic) 1998 Analog design
Designed Mic Preamp for MAD-8 A/D box.
Partner & President, Sonorus, Inc. 1996-2000 Chief Cook and Bottle Washer
  • Invented the award-winning STUDI/O, the world's first 16-channel PCI sound card, designed the hardware & DSP code and supported the Mac ASIO-2 driver
  • Designed FPGA-based ADAT interface, became Altera AMPP member, and licensed the IP to Korg for the OASYS.
  • Designed AES/8 (AES-TDIF-ADAT + sync translator box) and MEDI/O (kitchen-sink audio board) - sold out & resigned before they shipped.
  • Developed the industry standard S/MUX extension to the ADAT optical format.
  • Wide variety of non-engineering tasks: creating print ads and other marketing material, writing press releases & web pages,  managing distribution, finances, personnel tasks (hiring, HR, insurance, etc.), pizza runs...
Engineer, Ariel Corp. (ADSP) 1989-1996 Hardware Engineer & Architect
  • Architected & Designed hardware for AMCI, a quad-processor NuBus DSP board (OEM) for AVID (AudioStation 3.0 and Media Composer 3.0)
  • Architected & Designed NuBus board for US Navy sonar research using a dual-processor DON module.
  • Designed DC-4 (aka TeraDON), a 17-DSP ISA board intended for either modem pools or large-format pro mixing consoles - carried four quad-processor DON modules and had a 17th DSP processor onboard.
  • Designed DSP cluster for Merging Technology ISA board for Pyramix workstation.
  • Designed DON Module, a quad DSP3210 module used on AMCI , DC-4, and Merging Technology ISA board. Won ECN product of the year award (1994)
  • Designed a second dual-processor DON module using two DSP3210's with private high-speed SRAM per processor.  The US Navy specified this for a Sonar system.
  • Designed first DSP96002 (ISA) boards - MM-96 and DSP-96.
  • Engineering liaison between IRCAM and Ariel for the ISPW board for the NeXT workstation.
Engineer, dbx, Inc. 1987-1989 Software/Hardware Engineer
  • Added reverb (RT-60) measurement capability to RTA-1 analyzer; supported existing code.
  • Designed power-on/off mute circuit (field retrofit) for RTA-1's noise output.
  • Started design of oversampling sigma-delta D/A converter (full custom silicon) under supervision of Robert Adams
Engineer, Data General Corp. 1985-1987 Hardware Engineer
  • Designed three different graphics accelerator cards for DG's various microcomputer engineering workstation products, using a variety of techniques from ECL bit-slice to multiprocessor RISC and DSP designs.
  • Started design of RAID controller Gate Array, designed to interface 4 SCSI chains to a virtual memory system with no software intervention.
Programmer, University of Illinois, Chicago Circle Campus
summers 1982 & 1983
Computer Programmer
Developed a computer learning system with a TOEFL teacher for use in the University's TOEFL learning center.  System included lesson editors for teachers, scoring/grading, and interactive lesson system for students.  Written in BASIC to run under the CP/M operating system on Zenith Z-89 microcomputer.  Later I ported the package to the IBM PC running DOS.
Education Bachelor of Science - Computer Engineering - Univ. of Illinois, Champaign/Urbana, 1985
High School - New Trier West, 1981
Interests Music: writing, performing, producing, artist development. Other: Wing Chun, Linux, biking, armchair philosophy, single-malt scotch, Monty Python's Flying Circus. Member of the AES.
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