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1:1pi Proposal

proposal to FLASH manufacturers, Programmer companies, and Programmer adapter providers for unifying standards for engineering development.
Marc Lindahl, Bowery Engineering Associates (
New FLASH parts are introduced monthly. Currently the Engineering Support industry has had a disorganized response to this onslaught. It's gotten so bad that, for example, you need to purchase two different programming adaptors in order to program both the 5V and 3.3V version of the same FLASH part (e.g. 29F800 and 29LV800)!
Most programmers come with a large DIP socket, typically 48 pins. The programming adaptors serve to translate this unwieldy format to more common physical packages such as TSOP and SOIC. These adapters may or may not directly map pin numbers, and some may leave off certain pins. For large pinout devices (e.g. more than 48 pins) this is obviously a necessity.
Part packages tend to fall into large groups sharing similar physical characteristics. Early examples are 300-mil and 600-mil DIP packages. The TSOP package used by many FLASH chips are similar. For example, the 29F800BB package is 18.4mm . The solution is parallel to that of the DIP situation. Short Load parts to pin 1 in a 48-pin TSOP socket. Make the socket have a one to one pin mapping from the TSOP pinout to the DIP pinout. Everything else (voltages, etc.) is handled by the programmer firmware.
This elegant system will benefit all parties involved.
  • Design Engineers will be more willing to specify a wider range of FLASH components. They will also be able to shorten design cycles, elimating time and money wasted on the incorrect programming adaptors.
  • FLASH manufacturers will have an easier time supporting customers due to reduced confusion. They will also enjoy easier adoption of new parts.
  • Programmer makers will have an easier time supporting customers and new parts.
  • Programmer adapter providers will sell more adapters at a better margin. Instead of designing dozens of customized adapters they can standardize on only a few, lowering their manufacturing costs. By eliminating confusion of their customers - the Design Engineers, they will increase the market size for the adaptors.
The Program
The proposed program is this. Participation is free and voluntary.
  1. FLASH parts will be organized into categories which share the physical characteristics allowing them to be programmed in the same socket.
  2. Participating FLASH manufacturers will provide participating Programmer makers 3 pieces of each package type of each FLASH part. Note that reverse pinout parts also need to be provided, of course.
  3. Participating Programmer Adaptor makers will provide participating Programmer makers one piece of each programmer adaptor, to allow the ongoing support of the adaptor.
  4. Participating Design Engineers will support the program by purchasing equipment from the partners, and specifying the FLASH manufacturing partners.
  5. More parts categories will be added as time goes on. We kick the program off with the 14.8mm TSOP packages, 48 pins or less.

This program will hopefully unify the engineering community with the support and manufacturing community and lead to a lower-stress future for all!

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